Vacationing In Africa: A Beginners Guide

Vacationing In Africa: A Beginners Guide

Travelling to Africa for the first time will be a life changing experience that you will never forget. It’s a truly beautiful continent that’s full of culture, wildlife and wonderful local people who will make you feel at home. It’s a trip that will change you in more ways than one and leave it’s own unique mark. The generosity of the African people, from even the most poverty-stricken countries, is truly inspiring. Plus the landscapes are unlike anything else you’ve seen before. If you’re eager to make your first trip to Africa soon, here are some things you need to know.

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Get insurance


Travel insurance is a must, regardless of where you are visiting in the world. But is of particular importance when travelling in Africa. If you get sick, there may not be a medical facility close by. Meaning you may need to pay for transportation. Plus some doctors and medical facilities will require payment upfront. Having insurance means you can get your money back and should also cover you if your bags or belongings get lost or stolen.


Have vaccinations before you leave


When travelling to Africa, it’s essential that you get vaccinated. Cholera, Malaria and Typhoid are just a few of the diseases you could develop without getting vaccinated beforehand. Some countries in Africa will not let you in unless you have had the right medical vaccines. So find out which ones you need to get and make an appointment with your doctor before you leave.


Dress appropriately


When packing your suitcase, think carefully about how you intend to spend your time in Africa to influence your clothing choices. For instance, if you’re going on a safari drive, consider taking loose tops and short that are comfortable and sensible shoes. Respect the culture by dressing quite modestly even on the evenings. Also, try not to pack just summer clothes. Yes, Africa is hot during the day, but the evenings can get very cold. So try to pack a few warmer articles of clothing too.


Buy sunscreen


This is an item that is particularly hard to come by in some regions. If you want to protect yourself from the intense African sun, make sure you pack plenty of high factor sunscreen and always wear a hat. Drink plenty of bottled water too to stay fully hydrated throughout your trip.


Find a reliable driver


When you reach your destination, ask the staff at the airport for a reliable taxi driver that you can use. Take a note of his number and keep it somewhere safe. This will be incredibly useful if you get lost or need transportation to get to a particular area. Ask them about areas you should avoid and which places are interesting to visit. Thier knowledge will be better than any travel book.


It’s not hard to see why more and more people are choosing to visit Africa each year. From it’s iconic animals to it’s local communities, there is something to marvel at each and every day. Take what you have learned from this guide and relish every second you spend in this magical land.


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