Things To Be Aware Of On Exotic Holidays

Things To Be Aware Of On Exotic Holidays

Everyone will want to take an exotic holiday with their family at some point. Heading off the Spain or France every year is okay for a while. However, you will eventually get bored of the same surroundings. Exotic vacations are usually held closer to the equator. There are lots of issues that could arise during your time abroad, and so you need some good information. On this page, you’ll find a list of all the things of which you need to be aware. Just make sure you always read advice on your government’s website too. The last thing you want is to arrive in a war zone.


The most popular exotic destinations in the world include the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Dominica. As you will discover in just a moment, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. It’s all about researching them ahead of time and taking precautions. Only then can you ensure your family will have an amazing experience. At the end of the day, most people return home without difficulty. Even so, there are a select few who have their holiday ruined. So, pay attention to the information and advice below.

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  • Poisonous animals / fish / insects



When you travel to exotic places, there are a lot of dangerous creatures that could harm your family. Indeed, you only have to read some box jellyfish facts to understand the risks you face. You should always find out more about the most poisonous animals and insects before leaving home. It is possible that you might need to keep a special first aid kit handy for your family. Also, knowing what the creatures look like is a big advantage. Once bite from a venomous spider and you could end up in the hospital for weeks. Some insects could even send you to an early grave. To guarantee you have a great time, make sure you do some research.

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  • Dangerous diseases



There are lots of diseases around the world that could make you very ill. The people living in those countries have built up somewhat of a tolerance. However, people from the UK and US do not have that luxury. So, it’s vital that you learn about the diseases and infections you might be exposed to during your stay. You can then consult your doctor and find out if you need any vaccination injections. Malaria is a killer, and you need adequate protection. Those of you who don’t like needles or doctors need to force yourselves to book an appointment. If you contract a dangerous disease, you will spend more time in the hospital than ever before. One injection has to be better than ten, right?



  • Criminals and thieves



Law enforcement officials in exotic locations don’t often provide much protection to tourists. That is why crime rates are high at some of the most desirable holiday resorts. If your passport is stolen abroad, you might have trouble getting back into the country. Also, losing your money could mean your vacation is ruined. The best advice we can give is that you should always wear a secure wallet, and try to keep your cash out of sight. Just remember that criminals abroad have fewer morals compared to those at home. They will not hesitate to pull a knife if they think it will scare you. Don’t make the mistake of arguing during a mugging. Hand over everything and contact the police. Just don’t expect them to catch the criminal because they probably won’t.  



  • Holiday insurance



Your entire family must purchase suitable holiday insurance before traveling to an exotic location. Failure to do that will mean you don’t have any protection at all. At least you are safe in the knowledge you can contact someone for help when you have insurance. The process of losing your passport or wallet is not as bad if you have the best policies. Don’t try to save money by looking for the cheapest deals. In nearly all circumstances, the level of cover you receive will not suit your family. You need to purchase a premium product if you don’t want to stress all week. At least then you will know that help is only a phone call away.



  • City charges



It’s vital that you always take more cash than you think you’ll need for an exotic holiday. Your travel agent might say that all fees are covered, but that is rarely the case. In most locations, you will have to pay an additional city tax when you reach your destination. You need to know how much that is going to cost if you don’t want to ruin your experience. We read an article about someone who traveled to Morocco last year and encountered the issue. He booked through a reputable site that claimed all costs were covered. Upon arrival at the hotel, the situation seemed very different. He was asked to pay the equivalent of £100 ($180) to gain access to his room. Unfortunately, that was his spending money gone for the entire week. City taxes made his holiday a nightmare, and they could do the same for you.


So long as you consider all the information on this page when booking an exotic vacation, you should be fine. As we said only a moment ago, most people travel abroad and have a fantastic time. The chances of something bad happening are low, but they are not non-existent. That is why you must research the situation thoroughly before making your booking. Don’t trust travel agents when they’re trying to sell the deal. They don’t care if you end up out of pocket or in the hospital. They just want your money. Independent research is the only way to guarantee you have all the bases covered.


You should always make sure that someone at home has your hotel details. That way, they can get in touch and check on your from time to time. The cheapest way to call abroad these days involves using Skype and similar programs. Just buy some credit for them before you jet off for your exotic holiday.

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