The Places in Asia that You Should Visit Next

The Places in Asia that You Should Visit Next

If you’ve never been to Asia before, here are some of the key places that you need to visit first. They’re all interesting for different reasons, so read on to find out more.


Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is a city that combines east and west perfectly. It’s a city that has lots of temples and relics from its cultural past. For example, you can visit The Grand Palace, a composite of some of the country’s most important temples. This is also where the famous Emerald Buddha relic from the 1400s is also situated. But, on the other hand, it has all the modern features and conveniences for you to enjoy too. The nightlife is famously lively and interesting too.


If you want to head somewhere that’s busy and full of life, the perfect place to go is Mumbai. It certainly isn’t quiet and relaxing, but it is a lot of fun. Having said that, the sands at Chowpatty Beach can be pretty relaxing if you need a break to get away from it all. But you might be too busy sampling the food and culture that is on display on every street corner in Mumbai. It’s the best place to head to if you’ve never been to India before. The local silks and materials are beautiful too.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is sort of in China and sort of not, making it a strange kind of city. But it is certainly one of the most lively and culturally interesting places in all of Asia. It’s known for its Cantonese cuisine, but the city is also famous for its film industry. It’s where Jackie Chan first made his name, and the kung fu films are still made in Hong Kong. For information about Hong Kong permits and visas, you should visit, and then get there as soon as you possibly can.


Hanoi is one of the most quiet and tranquil of all the Asian cities on this list. It has a wonderful cultural blend that mixes a western influence from France with a traditional eastern culture. The best things about the country are its natural wonders. The lakes, hills and parks are all perfect for exploring and relaxing in. That’s not to say that there aren’t things to do in the city though. The restaurants are always very interesting, and Vietnamese cuisine is like nothing else on Earth, so give it a try.

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When people head to China, they tend to go to Beijing first. But, if you ask me, the best city in the country is Shanghai. It’s also the largest city in China, and the one that’s the most fun to explore. The Huangpu River runs right through the middle of the city, splitting it into two distinct districts. Those two districts are Pudong and Puxi. Puxi is slightly more relaxed, and that’s where you can explore the old town of Shanghai. There are so many things in Shanghai to keep you entertained and busy on your visit.

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